Colonoscopy from up high

I went for my follow up colonoscopy on September 8th.  This time around I accepted the anesthesia, to make life easier for the endoscopist.  And I suppose for mysslef.

Last time I was harassing the poor doctor throughout the 20 minute colonoscopy, staring at the screen – “what was THAT?  Is that normal?  Wait go back, look at that”…

Apparently after an endoscopic mucosal resection, it’s good practice to check back at the site and see what’s going on.  I woke up just as they were taking a biopsy near the “verge” (i.e exit of the bum).  I’m like, what are you doing. Why. Is that common.

Anyhow here we go again with the two-week-wait.  I’m not so nervous this time around.  Que sera sera.   Hopefully all will be normal.

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