Four score and seven years from now…

I heard an interesting bit of wisdom the other day from a judge – 68 years young.

A female lawyer pleading before him said she was turning 50.  The judge said “Remind me to tell you about my theory about turning 50 someday”.  She said, tell me now.

“When you turn 50, you realize that whatever you’ve been given – that’s all you’ve got”.

I’m thinking, oh, like life is a gift?  Deep.

“After 50, everything starts to go… memory… the body…”

“Then at 60, I thought I figured everything out: that 60 is 10 away form 70.  But then another lawyer corrected me – and he was right – 60 isn’t 10 away from 70, it’s 20 away from 80”.

I’m thinking, this judge has lost his marbles.

“Because now that I’m 68, 70 ain’t so old.   80 – that’s old.”

Ah, I kind of get it.

And yet – hearing from people who’ve been diagnosed with serious situations… or have succumbed way to early… I think the judge – with respect, your honour – is missing something.

Yes, I may be one away from 40, 10 away from 50, etc… but that’s just hope,  expectation, imagination.

Practically speaking – it’s about today.  That’s it.

Having another 20 years in the bag – that’s a hope.  And for some people – would be a dream come true.

We should all live to 120 years ripe in health.

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