Adenoma – pronounced, “I Dunno Ma”

So as the senior endoscopist anticipated, the biopsy report came back looking “fine”.

The technical report indicated “fragments of tubulovillous adenoma, negative for high-grade dysplasia”.  Meaning, likely pre-malignant and (presumably) caught in time.

There is still a bit of uncertainty that looms – i.e. making sure that the “fragments” that were identified in the polyp were in fact local to the area that was resected.  Was all of it removed?

Also, does negative for high-grade dysplasia mean possible medium-grade dysplasia?  Whose judgment are we going by?

This is the new uncertainty.

The next colonoscopy will either be September 8th or November 3rd – it’s a bit of an art as to when to do a follow up to make sure things have been addressed properly.

Onwards, one day at a time.

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