Nobody is Alone; Every Body is a Loan

I recently heard a story of a Wise Man who had to undergo serious surgery relatively late in life.

Many of his close friends and students felt awful over what the surgery involved as it would result in a major disability thereafter.

The Wise Man said “Imagine being given a one million dollar loan when you were born.  Many years later, the lender asks for twenty thousand dollars back.  How would you feel?”

A while ago I was cross-examined on an injury I received as a result of a moped accident. The question was “How did you feel after the accident”.

My immediate response:  “Gratitude.  Grateful that I wasn’t more seriously hurt.”  I threw off the line of questioning – I suspect.  But it was totally true.  I was, after all, moving.  I was walking. I was alive.  The sun was still shining.

I still had the loan.  And I wasn’t alone.

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