The iPhone iLove iHate

I sometimes resent that the iPhone takes me out of reality; that it sits there, waiting to interrupt whatever mindful business I’m in the process of.

Its presence alone draws my attention away from whatever I’m doing. Having a discussion with friends? Need to check a fact? Grab the iPhone! Well, while I’m fact checking may as well do a quick email check. Oh cool a new email from an old buddy – wonder what he wants. Will send him a quick reply to – oh wait a text, we need more butter.

Wait where was I. Where am I?

And yet, when I get a ring from “Unknown”, I’ll jump over oceans to answer that phone because usually it’s a doctor’s office or hospital.

Yesterday, in the early morning after kid drop-off and stroller put-away I got a call from the Unknown – which I raced and made sure to answer – that there was a surgery cancellation and that I can get my EMR done this Friday! Without even checking my calendar I said yes.

And so there you have it – despite my quasi-vows to leave my iphone at my desk – episodes like the above make me fall back in love with being available to everyone at all times.

Today it’s the iPhone iLove.

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