First Impressions and Second Opinions

A recent gratifying experience was explaining to a colleague that there is no law against second opinions; and providing some ideas/strategic tools on how to move forward and get that second opinion.

Many health care providers will make patients feel like a second opinion is an immoral ask. An absurd request. A quasi-illegal proposition.

To be fair, second opinions can be costly. Not just on the public purse but on doctors’ egos as well.

And in fairness, more often than not, a second opinion isn’t necessary and won’t change the course of treatment. It’s more of a “chill pill” to ease a worried patient’s mind.

But on rare occasions, a second opinion might – just might – make a big difference.

I am grateful for a GP whose ego isn’t huge and is open-minded to consider second-opinion referral requests.

Finding a doctor who will go to bat for you (you still need to be your own advocate) is a game changer.

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