Porsche vs. Colon

I was getting a coffee at a Tim Hortons gas station stop the other day and saw a beautiful Porsche pull up.

It really is a beautifully designed car and the owner knew it and felt it.

But inside the owner (most likely) was something much more amazing: a colon.

You’d think it’s hard to design a Porsche. And okay, it probably was difficult to get that car engineered.

And yet despite amazing advances in science and technology, human wisdom can’t design something as awesome as the colon.

I really felt the intricacies of my colon after the colonoscopy – when things were entirely clear – and I then had an egg dinner.

I could feel my colon like a caterpillar inching the food along. It was surreal and amazing. I never knew there were so many muscles and contractions going on automatically in the colon.

So, while the Porsche is definitely amazing to look at and drive, the colon is equally awesome in how it moves things along.

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