Should We Talk More About Our Health

It seems that discussing our personal health is often a taboo topic.

No one likes to seem like a whiner about what’s plaguing them.

And yet the economic and well-being cost of not having the right information can be huge.

It was a fluke discussion with a colleague that I learned about a semi-private colonoscopy clinic, a clinic where there was very little wait time (as opposed to a hospital setting), and a clinic that actually called me back to remind me to see if I was still interested in an appointment.

I never knew such clinics existed; I thought all colonoscopies had huge wait times and could only be done in hospitals.

My “fluke” conversation with a colleague about health-matters may have been more than fortuitous. It may have been a game changer. My hospital colonoscopy would have been in September 2016 – a wait that, according the endoscopist who discovered the poly in mid-May, said would not be prudent in polyp management.

How do we balance inappropriate and boundary-crossing personal health issues, with appropriate health and wellness conversations?

I guess blogging is a start.

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