The Morning I Thought I had 6 Months to Live

I went to visit my GP soon after the colonoscopy, and his sense was that my polyp required immediate attention. He wasn’t willing to offer a diagnosis, but my sense from his body language and voice was that this was serious.

First order of business was to get a requisition for an ultrasound to make sure if things were serious, nothing had spread to my abdomen, in particular, the liver.

So I raced my requisition over to a private ultrasound clinic. It was a sobering requisition for sure. The technicians at these places basically take a vow of silence and refuse to give updates as they are doing the scan.

I told the technician, “let me know if you are taking measurements over 1 mm or 2mm. You don’t have to tell me anything other than that”. She nodded.

Shortly thereafter she started taking measurements. Something to do with my liver. Or my kidney? Whatever, some internal organ. I asked if she was taking measurements, and she nodded. To me this meant: she found something.

For the next 3 hours, I basically assumed the worst.

Then I got a message from my GP that everything was normal on the ultrasound.

My imagination had gotten the best of me.

Then a couple of days after that the CEA blood work came back all normal. CEA is a new test used to see if there has been a spread of anything pernicious. It’s not a definite test but it helps.

So onwards we go – to the surgery. Scheduled for June 24th, 7:45 a.m. I’m the first order of the day.

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