Brief history of my ascension to the Throne of the Colon Kingdom

On May 16, 2016 I went for a colonoscopy – on my own initiative – to satisfy a Voice in my head that said it was time to get one, even though I’m only 39, asymptomatic, and in excellent health.  Never any trouble on the Throne.

The endoscopist immediately found a large polyp upon entry (I asked for no sedation so got live updates).  Other than that all systems clear.

I knew polyps were common, but the one the endoscopist found was large – 3 cm x 4 cm.   The colonoscopy report called it an “Intermediate Serrated Polyp” – suggesting some type of intermediate potency, not something of immediate concern, but definitely something to take care of without needless delay.

Upon speaking to a few people – okay, maybe a lot of people – it became clear to me that colon health awareness is lacking.

Colon hubris was also prevalent – i.e. “I’m feeling okay so everything must be okay”.

Of course, things most likely are okay and my blessings that they should be okay until you reach the ripe old age of 120.

Proper health maintenance means being loyal to the colonoscopy schedule.

So in starting this blog, I’m hoping not just to keep my family and friends in the loop about my health, but also to raise awareness about colon health and making sure people stay on top of their colonoscopies.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show.

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